August shows at Portsmouth Book and Bar


Great music coming to Portsmouth book and bar in August.  All shows free of charge.



August 1st:  Laura Cortese  9:00 pm

Cortese’s rich alto voice colors the Scottish and English traditional songs with very contemporary tonality and phrasing.


August 2nd:  Margaret Glaspy and Nick Hakim  9:00 pm

Sultry indie- jazz singer whose music is simple, fascinating, and beautiful. Not to be missed.


August 3rd:  Rockwood Ferry  9 pm

Hailing from Ithaca, NY, Rockwood Ferry brilliantly blends roots, jazz, and progressive folk.


August 5th:  Noun, Modern Hut, Little Big Bear  9 pm

Two Indie/punk acts from New Jersey NOUN (Marissa from SCREAMING FEMALES) and MODERN HUT along with twee-pop songwriter LITTLE BIG BEAR.


August 17th:  Pesky j. Nixon  9 pm

Drawing influences from contemporary urban balladeers, rowdy southern bluegrass, and the sardonic yet wry wit of New England’s localized folk scenes.


August 24:  Willie “loco” Alexander & Preacher Jack   9 pm

Punk rock pioneers, boogie woogie balledeers, frontman of the 1960’s proto-punk outfit the Lost, a party that shouldn’t be missed.


August 29th:  Kawehi    9 pm

Hawaiian born Songwriter who plays contemporary music with electronic and toy instruments.


August 31st:  Animal Hospital  9 pm

Boston-based Animal Hospital consists of Kevin Micka and is based on the idea of building a piece of music up from scratch into a completely fleshed out arrangement often containing enough parts to employ many musicians.