Great new collections hitting the shelves today

Willing to brave the brutal cold, snowy slippery streets or the crushing despair toward the world that most of us suffer with these days? If so, we picked up a few amazing collections over the past week. A large Classics library will start to come out today (there will be over 100 Loeb’s by next week). We also are starting to put out an amazing advanced Mathematics and Philosophy collection. Also picked up some nice art and literature books.




Portsmouth Book and Bar reviewed in New Hampshire Business Magazine



Portsmouth Bars Put New Twist on Beer
Published Thursday, February 14, 2013



Portsmouth has long been known for its young, hip atmosphere and nightlife, so it takes creativity to stand out. Two new establishments are creating a buzz with beer: Earth Eagle Brewings, a nanobrewery with a tasting room that hung out its shingle in November on High Street; and Portsmouth Book and Bar, a used bookstore with a restaurant and bar, which opened on Pleasant Street in December.

While combining a bookstore and bar may be novel for Portsmouth, it’s nothing new for John Petrovato and his business partners, Jon Strymish and David Lovelace. The trio opened Montagne Book Mill 15 years ago in western Massachusetts, and it is still running. Petrovato also owns Raven’s Used Books in Cambridge and Boston, which he says had its best year ever in 2012. Still, the bookstore business is difficult. “I probably wouldn’t have come to Portsmouth and just opened a bookstore because rents are very high here and the bookstore market is a little bit smaller than it used to be,” Petrovato says. “Having the other revenue streams helps us be able to do this.”

Portsmouth Book and Bar, which employs 12 people, stocks more than 15,000 used books that sell for 50 to 80 percent off the cover price. While perusing books, patrons can also enjoy a meal and select from eight bottled beers and a dozen wines. Petrovato says it will take years to recoup the upfront investment, but initial book sales are better than expected. The store sold more than 4,000 books in December, according to its Facebook page on Jan. 4.

New Hampshire has more than its fair share of brewpubs and breweries, and while microbrews have been de rigueur, nanobrews have become the latest trend. Earth Eagle Brewings turned a hobby into a business, offering a tasting room that’s become standing room only. “We were trying to figure out how could we get into the game for the smallest amount of money. That’s where the tasting room idea came up,” says Butch Heilshorn, who co-owns the brewery with Alexander McDonald, co-owner of A & G Homebrew Supply in Portsmouth, where Earth Eagle Brewings is located.

The tasting room is open Thursday through Sunday. Heilshorn and McDonald aim to have six beers on tap, and Heilshorn says the 20-person capacity room is often full. The nanobrewery has one 31-gallon barrel for brewing. The beer costs $1 for a 4-ounce taste, the size allowed by law, but they are working on legislative efforts to increase that.

Customers can buy the take-home version in either 32- or 64-oz. growlers (jugs). Heilshorn says the pair had been home brewing for a few years. One thing that makes their beer unique is that some varieties are brewed with herbs called gruits, instead of hops, the traditional ingredient. “It’s almost like people don’t think it’s beer without hops in it, but for centuries no beer had hops,” he says. To learn more, visit or Portsmouth Book and Bar on Facebook.

Portsmouth Book and Bar’s Fiction is up

 Books are finally getting on the shelves.  A few days we put up 2500 novels on the shelves. Only 12500 books left to organize before we open. Portsmouth Book and Bar should be open mid- November, 2012.

Summer of book buying

Raven Used Books of Boston and Cambridge has picked up an enormous amount of books this summer.  Yesterday we purchased a philosophy collection of about 1500 titles and 3 days earlier a 2000 book collection of modern firsts (primarily first edition hard cover fiction and poetry).  Since Jan., 2012, we have purchased 140,000 books and have sold over 81,000 thus far.  Usually we purchase that many in one full year but the quality of collections that we are being offered are much more numerous in previous years.  It is probably due to the fact that other bookstores are not buying books aggressively and/or the reality that after opening up the Boston shop 2 years ago, we are buying much of the Boston market besides the cambridge one.  In any case, if you are looking for certain kinds of specialized collections, feel free to contact us via this site or the stores.

Noam Chomsky speaks at John Petrovato’s Raven Used Books in Boston, MA.

Capital and Discontents Event with Noam Chomsky

On March 22, Noam Chomsky joined Sasha Lilley for the Boston launch ofCapital and Its Discontents, which features a conversation with him about workers councils and life after capitalism. The event took place at Raven Used Books on Newbury Street, which was packed to the rafters.

Sasha Lilley and Noam Chomsky
Photo credits: Martin Voelker

Sasha Lilley at Raven Books; Photo: Tatsu Ikeda

Noam Chomsky; Photo credit: Tatsu Ikeda

Noam Chomsky and Sasha Lilley; Photo credit: Tatsu Ikeda